Save on Freeze-Dried & Get More with Bundles

Shop Mission Farms limited ingredient freeze dried diets, perfect for feeding as a complete meal or using as an easy meal topper. Made in the USA with human grade meats and delivered right to your door! Each bundle contains two bags.

Get More Freeze-Dried & Save

  • Meal

    Feed as a complete and balanced diet.

  • Topper

    Crumble over kibble as a nutritious topper.

  • Treat

    Use as high value treats for training and rewarding.

Your Dog Deserves a Treat

Nutrition is Our Mission

Mission Farms is nutrition you can trust. We make all our products with human grade meats that are responsibly and exclusively sourced in the USA. Our single source protein diets contain 95% meat, organ, bone, and marrow with 5% pumpkin and are a great option for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. We don't use any added hormones or antibiotics, nothing artificial, and our products are free from wheat, corn, and soy.