Why Freeze-Dried Food

If you are looking for a healthy, nutritious, and convenient way
to feed your dog, then freeze-dried dog food is a great option.

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    • Highest nutritional value: Mission Farms freeze-dried dog food is crafted using human-grade muscle meat, organ meat, bone, marrow, and pumpkin. The freeze-drying process effectively retains proteins, vitamins, and minerals that might be lost through traditional cooking methods.
    • Raw nutritional benefits preserved: By removing moisture through freeze-drying, the raw nutritional advantages are maintained, ensuring your dog gets the best possible nourishment while combining it with the convenience of prepared dog food.
    • Superior canine nutrition with convenience: This approach seamlessly merges the highest standards of canine nutrition with the ease of feeding, offering a balanced and healthy diet to your dog.
    • Long shelf life: Freeze-dried dog food boasts an extended shelf life, allowing you to store it for months or even years without concerns of spoilage. This is especially useful for frequent travelers or those with busy schedules who can't prepare raw meals daily.
    • Easy and enjoyable feeding: Mission Farms freeze-dried foods and treats are simple and enjoyable to feed. Dogs, being natural carnivores, are drawn to the intensified palatability of freeze-dried options due to their primal instincts, making mealtime a delight.
    • Unparalleled palatability: Many dogs find freeze-dried food and treats highly appealing, even the most selective eaters. The removal of moisture intensifies their natural drive to eat, resulting in a satisfying and enjoyable mealtime experience for both pets and owners.
    • Healthy, nutritious, and convenient: If you're seeking a convenient yet wholesome way to feed your dog, freeze-dried dog food is an excellent choice, delivering essential nutrition in a convenient format.

    Freeze-Dried Dog Food/Toppers

    Shop our selection of freeze-dried raw formulas, the most convenient way to feed raw dog food! Use as a complete and balanced meal or an easy kibble topper.

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